Assorted Chocolate Truffles

Assorted Chocolate Truffles


Our delicious truffles are handmade using cream and chocolate. Once the mixture starts to thicken we make our individual truffles by hand rolling them followed by dipping in chocolate before being finally decorated.

Our assorted bags might typically include a selection from: milk, noir, white vanilla, baileys, cappuccino, orange, hazelnut, whisky, rum, mint, cognac, lemon, salted caramel, cointreau, strawberry and amaretto. Choose from 100g or 200g.

If you have a favourite choose from individual bags 100g or 200g of: milk, noir, white vanilla, hazelnut, rum, cappuccino, whisky or Baileys.


Ingredients and Allergens tab
We have listed a set of typical ingredients below and highlighted the main allergens in bold.
Ingredients; chocolate ( cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, MILK powder emulsifier SOYA lecithin vanilla) BUTTER, CREAM  NUTS), (HAZELNUTS, ALMONDS, PISTACHIO) sucrose, glucose, invert sugar , coffee, cherries, raspberries, blackcurrants, strawberries,  lemons, limes, oranges,fresh mint leaf, lemon balm, alcohol; (cognac, whisky, amaretto, cointreau, Irish cream, dark rum, champagne, pink champagne, prosecco, gin, white rum, vodka), BISCUIT, olive oil, rose oil, violet oil, mint oil, orange oil, raspberry oil sorbitol, vanilla, cardamom, chilli, sea salt, colours…….

  • Dark Chocolate 72% cocoa solids
  • Dark Chocolate 58% cocoa solids
  • Milk Chocolate 32% cocoa solids
  • White Chocolate 30% cocoa solids
  • Cappuccino Chocolate 31% cocoa solids
  • Caramel Chocolate 31% cocoa solids

Allergen advice 
Our products are made in an environment that handles wheat and nuts. Whilst every care is taken to avoid cross contamination please be aware of this if you have a severe allergy.

Shelf life shelf life 6 weeks