Single Origin Chocolate Discs

Single Origin Chocolate Discs


Calling all chocolate connoisseurs. Try our single origin buttons each giving a very different taste experience. 100g bags.

Peru – 72% dark chocolate. A  strong cocoa flavour, a perfect balance of bitter notes and a subtle sweet tone. Fruity notes, slight acidity and citric flavours attribute to the unmistakable character of this dark chocolate.

Sao Thome – 70% mild-bitter dark chocolate with a huge concentration of cocoa and complex flavours which leads to a finish of blackberry and oak.

Madagascar – 66% cocoa dark chocolate.Madagascar is a typically pale dark chocolate. It surprises with a supremely delicate yet powerful taste.

Arriba – 39% cocoa milk chocolate has intense cocoa body and fruity flavours. The taste is very well-rounded with plenty of creaminess.

Java – 33% cocoa milk chocolate which has a pale and reddish colour, typical of the Java Criollo bean.What a taste sensation!

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Single Origin Bar Flavours

Arriba, Java, Madagascar, Peru, Sao Thome


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