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Hot Chocolate Spoons


Just add the numbers of spoons you want and use the messages/instruction box on the checkout page to give state the flavours you would like. The chocolate spoons (30-40g of chocolate) with a wooden spoon come in individual compostable bags complete with 75g of chocolate drops.

Choose from: milk, milk orange, caramel with caramel centre, dark mint, white, mocha


Simply pop the chocolate drops into a mug or saucepan add 200mls of milk.
Heat up on a hob or in the microwave until very hot.
Take off the heat/microwave, stir in the chocolate spoon and enjoy!

Make your spoon last longer! Save the chocolate drops for another time and just heat up the milk then stir in the spoon.


Ingredients and Allergens

Hot Chocolate Spoons

Chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoabutter, MILK powder emulsifier SOYA lecithin vanilla)

Caramel (CREAM,BUTTER, sugar, glucose), mint oil, orange oil,

  • Dark Chocolate 72% cocoa solids
  • Milk Chocolate 35% cocoa solids
  • White Chocolate 30% cocoa solids
  • Cappuccino Chocolate 31% cocoa solids
  • Caramel Chocolate 31% cocoa solids
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