Handmade Vegan and Free From Chocolates.

/Handmade Vegan and Free From Chocolates.

This section is changing  to make it more manageable for our chocolate making activities.It will be redesigned over the next few weeks. Our range includes vegan, dairy free, sugar free, gluten free and alcohol free.

  •   At last! We have created our very own handmade assorted diabetic chocolates. Very pleased.The centres are made from no added sugar chocolate and a little cream and butter and flavoured with natural oils or with juice diectly from the fruit (oranges and lemons).The nut centres are just pure 100% butters with no sugar. Its not easy if you enjoy chocolate but have restrictions on what you can eat.If you have a particular flavour you want more of or a dislike please let us know in the comments box on the cart page. Typical flavours may include hazelnut, lime, orange, almond, mint, vanilla, raspberry, coffee and other flavours. Please allow at least 5 days notice as these chocolates are made fresh to order.  
  • A selection of handmade non-alcoholic chocolates. The contents may vary from time to time but are likely to contain a selection from the following: Salted caramel, noir truffle, cappuccino, lemon truffle, raspberry truffle, orange truffle, hazelnut praline, almond praline, hazelnut truffle, vanilla truffle, milk truffle,  vanilla and cardamom, white truffle, coffee bean, creme brulee, crunchy mint truffle, strawberry and cream  truffle,millionaires, (a shot of salted caramel, caramel chocolate, biscuit and milk chocolates)
  • This Handmade  dairy free chocolate bar with orange oil is made using rice milk as a delicious alternative to dairy milk chocolate. The other good news is that it is suitable for vegans. This milk chocolate alternative is free from lactose, casein, wheat, soya and GM ingredients. Please see ingredients and allergy advice below.
  • A creation of delightful gluten free chocolates. Similar to our classic chocolate collection but ensuring chocolates are made in a low risk allergen area with dedicated equipment. For anyone with a very severe allergy please be aware the chocolates are made in an environment where gluten is handled on site.
  • Free From Chocolate Collection

    These delicious handmade indulgent chocolates are dairy free  and vegan friendly. In addition the chocolates are free from gluten. Rice milk  replaces cows milk. Soya milk and oat milk is also used in some of our recipes. Our selection changes from time to time and includes some of the following chocolates: cherry, spiced orange, raspberry, espresso intense, mint crunch truffle, hazelnut and pistachio praline, oriental gin, vanilla and cardamom, passion fruit, ginger, dark champagne Please read the allergen advice below
  • Our new range of handmade no added sugar bars. Really pleased we are making them. We think they are delicious and hope you enjoy this creamy chocolate with added orange oil. Please state in the comments box on the cart page whether you would like milk or dark.