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/Handmade Chocolate Bars, Chocolates, Truffles & Lollipops
  • Our delicious truffles are handmade using cream and chocolate. Once the mixture starts to thicken we make our individual truffles by hand rolling them followed by dipping in chocolate before being finally decorated. Our assorted 100g bags might typically include a selection from: milk, noir, white vanilla, baileys, cappuccino, orange, hazelnut, whisky, rum, mint, cognac, lemon, salted caramel, cointreau, strawberry and amaretto. If you have a favourite flavour and don't want an assorted bag please add your choice/selection in the comments box on the cart page.
  • Chocolate Discs 100g-200g

    Our handmade giant chocolate discs are a firm favourite for those of you just wanting a simple tasty chocolate treat. The discs or come in 100g or 200g bags. Good to eat on the go or save for later on. The chocolate buttons include white 30%, milk 32%, dark 58%, dark 72%, dark 80% and cappuccino 30%. If you want to try chocolate from a specific bean or country why not try check out single origin chocolates.
  • Chocolate Honeycomb

    This chunky chocolate honeycomb is made from sugar and honey and has the most delicious crunchy texture . Weight- 100g
  • Handmade milk chocolate lollypops with chocolate decoration and toppings including buttons, jazzies, mallow or jelly beans. Please select whether this is for a boy or girl so we can decorate accordingly. The lollies can be personalised, just let us know.
  • 200g  Dark Chocolate  Gingers This stem ginger is always in demand at the Chocolates and Truffles shop. The ginger is enrobed in dark chocolate (72% cocoa solids) to enhance its beautiful flavour.  
  • A firm favourite. Orange peel takes a long time to prepare but it’s worth all the effort as it’s such a well-loved product. Freshly cut orange peel is blanched four times before being  simmered in syrup for a few hours. Its then allowed to cool and finally the peel is enrobed in 72% dark chocolate. What’s not to love? Please note the relatively short shelf life. If you would like a milk chocolate coating add in the comments box on the cart page. Please note this product has a  short shelf life (3 weeks)
  • Our handmade raspberry sticks are made using 72% dark chocolate with added raspberry oil and topped with raspberry powder.  A simple sophisticated chocolate treat.  
  • Welcome to our new range of handmade single origin chocolate bars to choose from. We've carefully selected the chocolate to compliment the inclusions and to give you a wonderful sensory experience.This is a range that's work in progress so look out for new bars we will add.
  • Salted Caramels

    Absolutely delicious caramels that fly off our shelves.Our signature salted caramel filling is made in house using butter, cream and sugar with a dash of sea salt. If you like our bags why not treat someone or better still yourself to a box of 15 or 30 chocolates