Create your very own Truffles

Please feel free to share or message your creations. We are hoping to select a few of the more interesting designs and make them in the shop giving you the credit for them of course. Enjoy!


A very easy truffle recipe. Use whatever toppings your imagination can create! They take only 15 minutes to make, a period of rest (30 mins-1 hour) then dipping 15 minutes. Use environmentally friendly packaging /equipment if possible.

Basic Ingredients (makes 12 small to average truffles)

150g dark or milk chocolate broken into pieces or other flavoured chocolate

40g cream

10 g butter

5g honey


Chocolate for dipping

200g chocolate (milk or dark) and broken into pieces


Optional 75g toppings for decoration:

You can just drizzle chocolate over the dipped chocolates with a fork or spoon creating stripes or swirls. Equally use dried fruit, nuts, seeds, cereal, coconut, sprinkles, mallow, coffee beans, nibs, fudge or other creations to make an intersting decoartion!



1.Line a small shallow tray/tin with non stick parchment or suitable alternative.

2. Ensure decorations  are prepared and ready to use

3. Melt the 150g chocolate, cream, butter and honey in a bowl set over a saucepan of gently simmering water.( Ensure just melts using gentle heat).

4. Pour onto the non stick parchment  and leave for 30 mins

5. Spoon into a  piping bag and place cicular blobs or sausage shapes onto another sheet of parchment. If still runny follow the nexrt step 15 mins later-with clean hands roll into balls or sausage shapes.

6.Melt the 200g  chocolate in a bowl set over a saucepan of gently simmering water.( Ensure just melts and use gentle heat).

7. Take the bowl and place in a shallow tray of cold water, stir with a wooden spoon until thickens or is 30 degrees centigrade.

8.Using a fork dip the blobs of formed ganache in the chocolate and place on parchment.

9.Decorate immediately and leave until set.

6. Place in a box lined with parchment and tie with ribbon or place in bag and tie with ribbon