Create your very own chocolate discs.

Please feel free to share or message your creations. We are hoping to select a few of the more interesting designs and make them in the shop giving you the credit for them of course. Enjoy!


The recipe is from a WI book that I happened to be browsing through but you can make your own using white or milk chocolate and replacing the orange and lime. Use whatever toppings your imagination can create! Its only 15 -20 minutes to make then chilling time. Use environmentally friendly packaging /equipment if possible.

Basic Ingredients (makes 30)

100g dark chocolate broken into pieces or other flavoured chocolate

1 tablespoon runny honey

grated zest 1/2 very small orange and 1 tablespoon orange juice

grated zest 1/2 small lime and 2 teaspoons lime juice

75g toppings:

Dried fruit, nuts, seeds, cereal, coconut, sprinkles, mallow, coffee beans, nibs, fudge or other creations!



1.Line a large shallow tray/tin with non stick parchment

2. Ensure decorations  are prepared and ready to use

3. Melt the chocolate and honey in a bowl set over a saucepan of gently simmering water.( Ensure just melts and use gentle heat). Stir in the orange and lime zest and juice until smooth and glossy.

4. Drop well spaced heaped teaspoonfuls of the mixture onto the lined tray/tin. Spread each into a round disc with the back of a spoon. You could equally use a piping bag to make the discs.

5. Decorate immediately and leave to chill somewhere cool or in the fridge until firm.

6. Once set peel off the paper and place in a box lined with parchment and tie with ribbon or place in bag and tie with ribbon