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Welcome to Chocolates and Truffles of Skipton

 We make our own delicious handmade chocolates.

About Chocolates and Truffles

Chocolates and Truffles of Skipton is an independent chocolate making business that creates delicious handmade chocolates and truffles! All the chocolates and truffles are made from start to finish by hand using our own recipes to deliver chocolate with a aroma and taste to wow the senses. The Skipton chocolate shop is now in its fifth year of trading and the online shop is now really starting to take off so a big thank you to all our customers for supporting us.  Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page and receive a summer discount code exclusive to our chocolate loving subscribers. You’ll also recieve updates of our latest creations and chocolate workshops.

Whats new at Chocolates and Truffles?

Ok, so it’s a wet June but hopefully summer is just around the corner and we are now busy developing Chocolates and Truffles for the season ahead. If you would like to see a particular  favourite chocolate or flavour please let us know. Summer is also a time for bumper crops of fruit and what better than plump, fruity strawnbwerries dipped in chocolate. Look out for our dipped strawberries later in the month! Chocolate Bars and Shards are currently really popular and  a few more will be added to the shop page shortly. The photograph below features cappuccino chocolate with roasted cocoa nibs and a single origin 45% c/s Columbian milk chocolate bar also with nibs. Smooth creamy milk chocolate and nibs gives a really intense cocoa hit and is perfect for serious chocolate lovers!

Chocolates and Truffles of Skipton. Bars and Shards

                                                                                                                      Handmade Chocolate Bars

Our Blog is updated at regular intervals to keep you informed of any new chocolates or gifts.


Did you know all our chocolate is from rain forest alliance certified farms? See more details further down this page. Our boxes and inserts are recyclable and we would encourage you to bring back our chocolate boxes and tins to refill or if you prefer why not use your own? Our suppliers are working to produce more enviromentally friendly packaging for all our products and we will keep you updated.

How to buy our Chocolates and Truffles

If you can’t make it to Chocolates and Truffles in Skipton use our online Shop. We want to get it right, so feel free to contact us with suggestions. If there is something you want and can’t find just use the contact page and we’ll do our best to help. Better still give a call. The postage is currently a flat rate of £3.15 and shipping takes around up to 3 day anywhere in the UK. Please give as much notice as possible over busy times such as Christmas and Easter. 




Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is quite simple – Handmade chocolate at a price that is fair for everyone from cocoa farm to home.

At Chocolates and Truffles of Skipton we create delicious handmade chocolates that use the finest ingredients.

Our Ethics

Chocolates and Truffles have recently made the decision to make all our chocolates from rainforest alliance certifed farm cocoa beans. It takes a great deal of time to grow and harvest cocoa beans and sustainable farming is the only solution if we want to continue enjoying this amazing chocolate product. We also use single origin chocolate using selected beans from different areas of the world with the chocolate originating from sustainable, supported farms.

Free From

We now make our own handmade free from and diabetic chocolates. The new range of dairy free products are also gluten free and suitable for vegans with rice milk replacing dairy. The rice milk chocolate is also free from soya.  Our handmade diabetic chocolates are proving very popular with customers and this too is an area for growth. All the Free From Chocolates and Truffles can be made bespoke, feel free to call and discuss this further.


Every care is taken in making these chocolates using dedicated equipment but if you have an allergy that may result in an anaphylactic reaction please be aware that there is always a very small risk of cross contamination from allergens in such a small work space. Please be aware nuts are stored  and handled on site.


In relation to the online shop we have now added a corporate gift section. Please contact us for more informaton. We are also happy to sell to cafes and restaurants.Weddings and Events are also a pleasure to create chocolates for; we will make bespoke chocolates if you want something you don’t see in the shop.


chocolates and truffles of skipton

Handmade Chocolates

Must have products from our shop

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Our next chocolate tasting evening will be advertised shortly. Please contact us if you would like us to host an event for you.

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